Sensitive skin, sorted.

Sensitive skin, sorted.

We’ve all been there. Skin’s acting up. It’s redder than usual, tight, itchy, uncomfortable and just acting plain weird. The truth - your skin is sensitised.

Fret not, it’s super-common. You’re used to hearing about sensitive skin, but less skin that’s more temporarily sensitised. Sun damage, pollution, shaving, waxing, overusing AHA treatments and a host of other pretty day-to-day situations can all leave your skin sensitised. Or as we call it - they take it on a #badtrip.


The magic ingredient. Albatrellus Ovinus Mushroom.

Not so much ‘magic’ as a fine-tuned combo of nature and science. Mushrooms don’t always guarantee a good trip - but Albatrellus ovinus does. Packed with powerful bioactives that reduce discomfort and irritation from first application.


The sensitive cycle.

Let’s get a little technical. Sensitising situations, whether thermal (sun damage), mechanical (shaving and waxing) and chemical (cosmetic treatments) can stimulate pain receptors in the skin. It’s a good thing really - helping us defend our bodies to react to minimise further damage, while inflammation is important for the healing of the affected area. But when your skin is flaring up and hurts - it’s tough to see the good side. When this happens over and over, your skin can get caught up in a #badtrip cycle.


The comfort zone.

Enter Albatrellus Ovinus. It’s potent bioactives directly affect the skin’s epidermal pain receptors, blocking the feelings of burning and hypersensitivity that come from inflammation, and stopping any further stimulation or sensitisation. The result? Reduced irritation. Reduced redness. Your skin is taken on a #Goodtrip from the first application. 


The clean skincare cure.

And there's more. Albatrellus Ovinus also boasts antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory factors against histamines. No need to go mushroom hunting, though. We’re the first to include Albatrellus Ovinus in our soothing Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask. A soothing ten-minute treatment for times of skin stress to instantly alleviate redness and irritation. Get yours for skin zen, in ten.