What Is a Body Balm Used For?

What Is a Body Balm Used For?
There is a coveted new calm balm on the block, and the first ever body product in our Evercalm range Evercalm™ Barrier Support Body Balm.

Clinically proven to repair very dry skin and the skin barrier, this intensively nourishing body balm-to-oil treatment delivers instant and long-term targeted sensitivity relief from persistent areas of sensitive, sore, irritated, or dry skin from shoulders-to-toes.

Evercalm™ for every body 

When we say every body, we mean it! We have used a vegan-friendly and Kind to Biome formula with a soothing hypoallergenic fragrance, which means that this buttery balm is suitable for anyone with sensitive, dry, and even eczema-prone skin; including pregnant or lactating people and the whole family (from birth onwards). 

So, how, why, and where do you use our newest Evercalm icon? It is all about the barrier-boosting formula. But first, let us explore why every body needs this balm, now more than ever... 

Why use a body balm? 

With the number of people identifying as having skin sensitivity on the rise, and sensitivity triggers like stress and pollution an ever-increasing issue; it is more important than ever to show the skin on your body some love, just like you would with the skin on your face. 

Hot showers, hair removal, irritating fabrics detergents and sweaty workouts. Our bodies go through a lot. The skin on your body is thicker and more resilient than the skin on your face, but just as prone to experiencing the signs of sensitivity. 


This is why we have carefully created Evercalm™ Barrier Support Body Balm to bring comfort to 8 key areas of sensitivity on the body; dry patches, chafing, tattoo after-care, post-shave or laser irritation, baby bump and pregnancy care, nipples, dry and irritated armpits, and after sun care.

What exactly is a body balm?

Body balms feed your skin essential fatty acids and nutrients and lock in moisture, which helps to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and replenishes your skin barrier. Powered by our unique Barrier Support Complex; packed with Omegas and Ceramides, Evercalm™ Barrier Support Body Balm actually helps to support your body’s microbiome keeping your skin comfortable-feeling and healthy-looking. 

It also happens to be the perfect size for popping into your handbag or hand luggage; so, it is great for taking with you on-the-go, especially if you struggle with any dry skin that needs spot treating along the way.

Body balms vs. body lotions? 

Body balms differ from body lotions in several ways and are often more effective than body lotions when it comes to delivering relief from dry skin. Unlike most body lotions, which usually have water-based formulas, Evercalm™ Barrier Support Body Balm has a concentrated oil-based formula, which means that it can provide intensive and instant nourishment, combined with long lasting relief.  

And because it has such a concentrated formula, Evercalm™ Barrier Support Body Balm goes an exceptionally long way. We recommend warming a pea-sized amount in the palm of your hand and gently massaging into any problematic patches until it melts into your skin, where it can get to work soothing the signs of sensitivity; fast!