Spring clean your skincare.

Spring clean your skincare.

Spring cleaning shouldn’t stop at the house. We’ve got some easy self-care tips to help you spring clean your skincare routine, too. From declogging and minimising the look of pores, to helping fade hyperpigmentation - here are a few easy wins for your skin.

Upgrade your cleanser. 

Not so fun fact: not all cleansers remove all types of impurities, but Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser does. Clinically proven to remove SPF, makeup and pollution, with added skin-smoothing credentials, it’s the first essential step in any clean routine creating the perfect canvas for your skincare to follow.

Our tip? The spreadable, silky formula glides over your face easily - spend extra time massaging your skin to promote microcirculation and give yourself a pampering feeling that relaxes facial tension.

Clear out pores. 

Not just for oily or combination skin types, clay masks are a great weekly decongesting treatment to visibly shrink pores, give self-care satisfaction and an instagrammable moment, too. 

The natural Kaolin Clay in Clarimatte™ Invisible Pores Detox Mask helps to draw out excess oil and dirt while extract from known superfood Spirulina nourishes the skin. Apply on cleansed skin and wait for around 10 minutes till it starts flaking, but don’t let it dry too long to feel uncomfortable, as that can pull moisture from the skin. 

For blemish-prone skin, Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask has the same Kaolin Clay base to help draw impurities, but you’ll also benefit from spot-shrinking Salicylic Acid and barrier-strengthening Colloidal Sulphur to reduce current blemishes and help prevent future flare ups. Follow up by popping Non-Drying Spot Treatment on visible spots to promote healing without flaking. 


(S)wipe down your surfaces. 

Toners and tonics, when swiped over the face with a cotton pad, help to remove those dusty, dead skin cells which make your skin look a dull and grey. They also help to remove the final traces of makeup. Ready Steady Glow, with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid actually goes within the pore to help clear and dissolve impurities, making them look smaller and tighter. You don’t need to stop at the face, either. When you’ve used your cotton pad on your face, swipe over elbows, knees or rough areas to help smooth and hydrate - a great tip for helping even your colour if you use tanning products.


Lighten dark spots.

Complexion imperfections? We got you. Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream is clinically proven to reduce dark spots from 7 days use. Using an encapsulated algae complex in lieu of tradition acid-based formulas, it’s safe for sensitive skin types and you can use it while using other chemical based exfoliators - so you can reveal super-bright skin going into summer. 

Now that you’ve got your even complexion down - keep it that way. Use SPF religiously every day to prevent hyperpigmentation forming or darkening, while preventing premature ageing like skin leathering and wrinkles. Formulated with pollution-protecting antioxidants and skin-mattifying rice starch extract, it’ll safeguard your fresh skin for the rest of the year and beyond...