What ‘Clean’ means to us.

What ‘Clean’ means to us.

In 2000, we pioneered Clean Skincare, creating products (and a market) that challenged traditional, often synthetic ingredients. We had a comprehensive ‘NO’ list (which you may remember stamped on our packaging) instead, favouring ingredients with proven skin benefits, sourced from nature. Over the past two decades much has changed - and as have we.

There are now more brands describing themselves as Clean, which can make a clear definition a little confusing. Especially as these definitions often differ between brands. As we can only speak for ourselves - here’s what clean means to us.

Clean Products.

With our ingredients we’ve strived for maximum results without compromising the skin’s barrier or creating irritation, always formulating for the often overlooked sensitive skin. We know that for clean skincare ingredients to work for your skin, giving long-lasting visible results, they must work in harmony with it. Our formulas work on all skin types, all tones and all genders with the aim of releasing it’s healthiest potential. And, we want them to work for the planet, too. Take our latest award-winning moisturiser, Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream, and its hero ingredient Encapsulated Algae Complex:

Clean to Skin

Many traditional anti-dark spot products work to reduce any type of pigmentation, in turn ‘lightening’ or ‘whitening’ skin all over. Our Encapsulated Algae Complex targets only excess pigmentation, without influencing ‘normal’ pigment (like tanning or freckles) evening your complexion rather than lightening it. In fact, Dark Spot Sleeping Cream is clinically proven to reduce dark spots from just 7 days*.

*Evaluated by an expert assessment during a clinical trial

Clean to Planet

The Microalgae is sourced sustainably from the Cantabric Sea, isolated then grown in photobioreactors without depleting natural resources. It’s GMO-free, Vegan and cruelty free, with our supplier quoting, ‘powerful nature at the service of responsible beauty’. Plus, it’s packaged in a recyclable glass jar, with a 100% recycled lid, which leads us on to our next P...


Clean Packaging.

In 2018, we made a pledge: we want to be the first Zero Waste beauty brand by the end of 2021. That means we’ll only produce Recycled, Recyclable or Reusable packaging. You can find out more about the three R’s here (noticing a theme?) including the sustainable steps we’ve taken over the last two years. And, for this we’ll take our (also award-winning) Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium range as an example:

Clean to Skin

Packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, Atlantic Kelp has the ability to help moisturise, condition, and protect the skin - perfect for frequent-use products like hand and body washes. It’s harvested by licensed seaweed harvesters and fishermen who have reached their quota on fishing for the year, and have been trained to cause the least disruption to the aquatic environment possible.

Clean to Planet

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Wash and Hand Lotion are packaged in a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle, 20% of which is recycled plastic debris collected from the ocean. To date, in partnership with TerraCycle, we’ve removed 1.5 tons of waste from the ocean and counting, making our Atlantic Kelp range ocean sourced, and ocean bottled, and conveniently leading to our final Clean point.

Clean Partnerships.

While we’ve made sustainable steps forward, we can’t reverse the damage to our planet alone. As we call on you to recycle or reuse our packaging - we call on other companies, to help us reduce waste. Our longstanding partnership with Planet Patrol has seen us join clean-ups the world over, not just helping collect plastic debris, but raising awareness of this global issue. For years we have supported them with manpower and donations, and this year for each of our Christmas Gift Sets sold, we’ll donate £1 to Planet Patrol, helping with their efforts for a cleaner world. For The Big Clean Up, we’ve also partnered with Beauty Banks, helping provide Clean Skincare to those who don’t have access to it - which you can read more about here.

With packaging, we’ve partnered with innovative suppliers like SABIC and Aptar to pioneer the use of Infinity Recycling in our pack for Global Protection Day Cream. With this technology we can fully regenerate plastic waste, once designed to landfill or incineration, to make recycled plastic that’s identical to virgin with no loss in transparency or quality, lessening the need for fossil fuels. It’s these partnerships with like-minded, waste-conscious companies that help us fulfill our Clean to Skin. Clean to Planet. promise, and we look forward to working with them *and* you for a cleaner future.