The signs of skin sensitivity

The signs of skin sensitivity

Did you know you don’t need to have ‘sensitive skin’ to experience symptoms of sensitivity? We all, (yes, all) have the capacity for temporarily sensitive or ‘stressed’ skin, whether the cause is as pinpointable as a sunburn, or from trying out a new product that quite didn’t agree, or was too harsh, for your skin type. The good news: to celebrate the launch of Evercalm™ Redness Relief Serum, we’re exploring the sources, the symptoms and the potential solutions to the feeling of sensitive and stressed skin.

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What is sensitive skin?

skin type, we consider sensitive skin to be present throughout your life, rather than being solely triggered by external factors, often caused by a genetically weaker skin barrier. But, that’s not to say external factors can’t exacerbate your symptoms, making them worse. From minor redness, itchiness and dryness to conditions like Eczema or Rosacea, this type of sensitivity cannot be ‘cured’ as such, but the symptoms can be managed to make skin feel more comfortable and calmer.

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What causes sensitive skin?

While the root cause is genetic, there are two main groups of factors that can cause flare-ups of symptoms:

External: UVA/UVB light from the sun and Blue Light from devices, plus pollution, exposure to harsh weather and the use of unsuitable cosmetic products, like harsh exfoliators, scrubs or peels.

Internal: stress, lack of sleep, excess alcohol and smoking

What is stressed skin?

A skin condition, stressed or sensitised skin is a reaction to sustained exposure from the above factors. For example, progressively drier skin as we get deeper into winter. Without skincare that’s been designed to calm irritation, or protect from external aggressors, symptoms can last for months, and this temporary sensitisation can affect all skin types and tones.

What causes stressed skin?

Well, stress itself coincidentally, as this can trigger the release of cortisol which can weaken the skin barrier. But it’s not the only cause. Exposure to all external factors above can result in skin’s protective lipid barrier becoming damaged, making it more difficult for skin to defend itself against these aggressors. In turn, it can react more strongly to factors that previously wouldn’t have phased it, resulting in…

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The signs of sensitive and stressed skin

To make matters more confusing, there’s crossover in the symptoms of sensitive and stressed skin. However, as a compromised skin barrier is the common factor in both - we can take care of them the same way. Or, with the same mushroom - but we’ll get to that.

A weakened skin barrier can allow foreign bodies, like pollution, to enter more easily, while increasing water loss. This cocktail of mal effects can cause skin to overreact which, if not handled properly, can send skin spiraling toward seven signs of skin sensitivity: Redness, Burning Sensation, Itching, Discomfort, Tightness, Flaky Skin.

How Redness Relief Serum can help

One serum formulated to soothe your 7 signs of sensitivity in 7 days*, White Mushroom’s phenol-rich makeup helps alleviate sensitivity, visibly reduce redness and comfort while a unique Defense Complex (Beta-Carotene & Biosaccharide) helps combat free radicals via antioxidant action, while forming an invisible physical layer on skin to help shield from pollution and external aggressors.

Proven to strengthen the skin moisture** barrier, make Redness Relief Serum your reach-for to help stop cyclical bouts of sensitivity, whether you’ve had sensitive skin all your life, or you’re starting to notice some symptoms, for calmer skin in 30 min** - and ever after.

*Proven by a consumer study evaluation of 100 men and women.

**Proven by a clinical instrumental evaluation.