The Clean Screen routine.

The Clean Screen routine.

It’s official - there’s no longer an excuse to not wear sunscreen. Not only does it help slow up to 90% of skin ageing, it can actually make your skin look good. Who knew, right? With the help of our new, mattifying Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 - here’s a few tips to help you incorporate sunscreen into any routine - easily.

Correct skin concerns.

Hyperpigmentation, redness, fine lines - we’ve all got things about our skin we wish were better. So after washing your face with your targeted cleanser (possibly found via our handy cleanser tips and tricks post) apply your targeted serum. From radiance-restoring to line-fading, you’ll find one that's right for you. Wait a few minutes and follow with a moisturiser. Again, pick any for your skin type - as our SPF is designed to be non-clogging, it won’t be too heavy with your moisturiser. 


Skincare first - SPF second. 

We opted for mineral zinc oxide for Clean Screen. It deflects UV rays - so you get instant protection, without chemicals that have been known to be sensitising for some skin types. But this barrier will also block clean, active ingredients absorbing - which is a waste of money and good skincare. Always apply your serum and moisturiser pre-sunscreen. The only thing we recommend post-sunscreen is Perfect Canvas Primer Serum, giving you a smooth slate on which to apply your colour cosmetics. 

The perfect foundation - for foundation. 

Keeping your skin shine-free all day without silicones isn't easy. Neither is getting a perfectly smooth base for foundation application. But we can do both. Clean Screen contains a Rice Extract which refines skin texture and gives a softly-blurring satin focus, without being a flat, dull-looking matt. It’s the perfect mix of matt and glow and consequently - the perfect base for makeup application. Use it all over the face (without getting into eyes, obv) and follow with a few drops of Perfect Canvas - applied onto your hands and pressed onto your forehead and cheeks. Then apply your foundation as you would usually. As there's no silicone in sight, you won’t get any piling, rolling or separating effect, just gorgeously smooth makeup - which stays all day. 


Cleanse your day away - effectively. 

Sun gone down, time to take it all off. Massage our Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Milk directly onto dry skin to melt away makeup, sunscreen and daily pollution and impurities, before rinsing off. Follow with your refreshing cleansing gel of choice to remove the final traces of the day and then follow with your night treatments to perfect and repair while you sleep, so you’ll wake fresh-faced by morning.