Pre and post workout skincare.

Pre and post workout skincare.

Bossing your workout routine? Don’t let your skincare routine slip in the meantime. With the rise of sweatproof, workout-friendly cosmetics, people who want to look good - while working on looking extra good - are in luck. But, just because your makeup can stay put during your spinning class doesn’t mean you should want it to… Read our pre and post workout tips to keep your skin in shape.

Cleanse before and after your workout.

Getting hot and bothered? Your skin may be under strain, too. When we sweat it can mix with impurities on the face such as dirt, oils and makeup which can, if left on, clog pores and lead to breakouts. And that doesn’t include the bacteria picked up from using machines in the gym. Remove makeup, excess oil, pollution and SPF with Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser before the gym and rinse away to make sure the aforementioned doesn’t end up in your pores while you floor it on the treadmill. 

Leave your skin product-free during your workout (unless outdoors... but we’ll get to that) and after, use a refreshing gel cleanser like Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Gel to wash off your sweat, while sensitivity soothing ingredients calm redness and irritation caused by mopping sweat from your brow. 


Park run protection. 

Fresh air, wind on your face and nature - nothing beats an alfresco workout. But the sun beating down on your skin - especially when sweating - can lead to premature ageing, leathering and hyperpigmentation at any time of year. Apply a layer of Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 to skin before going for a run. Our silicone-free, non-clogging formula is kind-to-skin while you can wash it off when you return with Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser

Post-workout cool down. 

Whether you’re feeling energised, or exhausted post-workout, take some more (yes, more) time for your body. The go-to: Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium. If you’re working out, you’re probably taking more showers, investing in a good sulphate-free non-stripping body wash is key to keeping your skin hydrated. Ours includes a refreshing, uplifting scent almost synonymous with working out and is packed with recharging  magnesium. 

Achy muscles? Give yourself a massaging rub down with Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil, with Red Algae and Atlantic Kelp extracts, it helps intensely moisturise, banish areas of ‘orange-peel’ skin and tone, all the while massaging will help those tired muscles and aid microcirculation. 


Sweat-free solutions.

Despite our best efforts - spots and sensitivity can still arise from time to time. Luckily Non-Drying Spot Treatment is your clean solution. Pop it on a spot or over a spot-prone area to have it reduce blemishes without flakiness or dryness. Good news if you’re using a concealer after. 

Constantly dabbing away sweat with a towel, running in the sun without SPF or taking too many hot post-workout showers - they can all cause sensitivity in the form or redness, rawness or dryness. If you're noticing your skin is feeling uncomfortable, the aptly named Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask works instantly to rehydrate and calm your complexion, with a mix of White Mushroom, Beta Glucans and Arnica Extract. In fact, the whole Evercalm™ range is devoted to giving sensitive skin it’s balance back.