Perfect skin... this way, please.

Perfect skin... this way, please.

Can you improve on perfection? REN Clean Skincare answer: yes. We’ve given our silicone-free, instant-smoothing primer a new simpler name and a new look. So, without further ado, let’s (re)introduce you to Perfect Canvas: Clean Primer.

The cleaner look. 

Okay - we messed up a little. We thought our original glass bottle would be easily recycled. Turns out *facepalm* it wasn’t. Most recycling facilities machine-scan packaging and read glass by a percentage of transparency, and our opaque bottle was falling by the wayside. We’ve proudly repackaged and now the Clean Primer bottle is pretty and proudly recyclable in coral pink. Plus being see-through, you can see how much product you’ve got left - much handier, right? We’re working on making the pipette part recyclable as we progress to going Zero Waste by 2021. But for now… this is a great step in a more sustainable direction.


The silicone-free star. 

Silicones are a bit of a conversation-starter in the beauty world. Long heralded for giving a smooth uniform base, but also given a bad rep for being potentially clogging. With Agave Extract we’ve opted for a full-on clean version, without compromising on results. Our Clean Primer creates an instantly smooth base, minimising the look of pores, tightening skin and filling in fine lines. Your makeup goes on with ‘grip’ rather than that silicone-esque ‘slip’, while working well with powder and liquid foundations. It’s also packed with prebiotics to strengthen your skin barrier, hyaluronans to plump and lock in hydration plus Alpha-Glucans for overall healthier looking, resillient skin.

The proof in the primer.

We’ve been banging on about how good Clean Primer is - so time to share some results. After only 15 minutes, dermatologists proved that 77% of those tested showed smoother skin. And 100% of subjects had smoother skin in 28 days. 100%? You can’t argue with that. But Clean Primer has serious long-term cred, too. After 28 days the dermatologist reported 67% of people showed a reduction in wrinkles. 

We asked the women who tried it what they thought. 100% would instantly recommend to a friend and said their skin instantly more radiant and luminous, with 93% saying their makeup applied better as soon as they used it. So, what are you waiting for? Try the Clean Primer routine below.