Our Partnership with Planet Patrol.

Our Partnership with Planet Patrol.

At REN Clean Skincare we know that it’s only by taking action that we can make positive change for our planet. So, alongside our Zero Waste by the end of 2021 Pledge, we partnered with the grassroots charity Planet Patrol (formerly Plastic Patrol) in 2017, to combine our expertise on packaging waste, taking a stand against plastic pollution in our environment.

About Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol’s mission is to ignite and lead behavioural change regarding plastic litter through community action and citizen science. They want to drive industry and political action, in turn protecting our planet and wildlife from the harmful effects of single-use plastic litter

Founder Lizzie Carr, has dedicated herself to educating communities around the issue of Plastic Pollution in the UK, but also the world over, with some amazing achievements to date:

  1. To date, over 400 ton bags of litter has been removed from waterways.
  3. Over 15,000 volunteers have joined across 82 countries.
  5. Over 302,021 pieces of litter have been tagged through Planet Patrol’s breakthrough citizen science app.

The Planet Patrol App

Physical litter picking, while immediately helpful to the local community, isn’t actually the main goal, it’s logging the examples of plastic pollution identified in each haul.

Through their purpose-driven app (available for android and iOS, wink), this collection data is shared with the University of Nottingham and University of Glasgow to help analyse and understand the types of plastic collected, in what area and from which brand.

This data and analysis helps build a case of evidence to bring to big companies to change their single-use-plastic reliance, and switch to something more sustainable as well as helping determine where a plastic cleanup would be most beneficial to the local area.

Get involved with Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol makes it easy to create real change. You can organise your own Clean Up in your community or join an upcoming one via their website.

We understand that while joining a Clean Up is a great way to help, it may not be appropriate for everyone during these uncertain times. You can still donate to Planet Patrol via their site, where donations will be used to help increase worldwide Clean Ups, improve their mobile technology to record the impact of plastic pollution and help drive industry change. Find out more about their mission and how you can be a part of it on their website.