NEW: Perfect Canvas Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence

NEW: Perfect Canvas Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence

You’ve got cleansers, toners and serums aplenty, but when it comes to the pursuit of a plump, bouncy, luminous and healthy-looking skin, yes... there’s more. Enter the essence.

Boost + Protect. We’ve packed our all-new Perfect Canvas Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence with a trio of postbiotic bio-ferments and powerful antioxidants. The result? It’s clinically proven to smooth, plump, * help strengthen the skin barrier and protect against pollution, plus it’s proven to maximise absorption and boost the benefits of skincare. In just one step...


So, what exactly is a facial essence?

Is it a toner? Is it a serum? Well, it’s basically both... and neither at the same time. Simply put, essences are thin, watery leave-on treatments designed to prepare your skin for moisture. They are lightweight in texture, so they absorb effortlessly into your skin, helping to optimise absorption and boosting the benefits of the products you use after them.

Why are essences an important part of your skincare routine?

Unlike toners, which work to help reset your skin's pH levels and prime the skin for better absorption after cleansing, the bioactive ingredients in an essence can help to address specific concerns (like serums), such as dullness, fine lines or pigmentation. But the ultimate benefit of using an essence is intense hydration and maximum absorption.


How to use an essence in your skincare routine

Essences are generally applied as one of the earlier steps in your skincare routine — usually after cleansing and toning but before applying a serum. A good rule of thumb is remembering to go in order of consistency, from thinnest to thickest. Skin loves to drink up the hydration an essence provides, so there won’t be a lot of downtime waiting for them to sink in. Because they absorb so fast, it’s best to ditch your reusable cotton rounds for this step and opt for clean hands instead. Pour a few drops of the Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence onto the palms of your hands and then pat it all over your freshly cleansed and toned face and neck. Using a patting motion, as opposed to pressing or massaging, helps keep the watery formula from running down your face and aids absorption.

How to make your routine work harder with an essence

Originating in Korea, this skincare staple can seem a bit confusing at first, but believe us, it is well worth incorporating into your everyday skincare routine. The goal isn’t about using as many products as possible, but about tailoring a routine to your skin’s needs, with every product serving a distinct purpose. Just like double cleansing or toning, essences can be game changers when it comes to making your routine work harder.