Mocktail making with Melissa Hemsley.

Mocktail making with Melissa Hemsley.

With spring underway and summer looking relatively restriction free, we’re celebrating the launch of Organic Cucumber Summer Limited Edition Daily AHA Tonic by teaming up with Seedlip. 

Can’t wait? We’ve also teamed with Melissa Hemsley so you can craft your perfect cocktail right now. Chef, bestselling cookbook author, and Fairtrade and sustainability champion, Melissa has mixed cucumber, mint, lime and ginger for a refreshing summer mocktail that you can easily make boozy, should you so wish. It serves two, but feel free to scale it up into a ready made jug for picnics, barbeques and however else you’re making this summer count.


What you’ll need


1 small cucumber, approx 80g

15g ginger

Small handful (approx 20) mint leaves

3 tbsp lime juice from 1-2 unwaxed limes

2-3 tbsp maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar, as sweetener to taste

½ a small bottle of Seedlip

2 small cans of Fevertree Cucumber Tonic

2 handfuls of ice


Two glasses


Small sieve

A jug or small bowl

Stirring spoon

Knife and chopping board


The mocktail method

  1. Pre-chill your glasses with some ice cubes and set aside a few rounds of cucumber for garnish.

  2. Smack the mint leaves between your hands and rub them around the rims of your glasses. You can also do this with lime juice, sugar and salt.

  3. Roughly chop the cucumber and ginger before blending with the mint leaves and lime juice. Blitz till smooth, with a few splashes of water if you need it.

  4. Pop a sieve over your jug/bowl and strain the juice from the blender, using a spoon to press down the mixture to aid extraction. Why not keep the pulp to add to curry or soup later?

  5. Tip the ice into the jug of juice to chill, then mix in your sweetener of choice with half a small bottle of Seedlip. Stir and adjust with lime or sweetener to taste.

  6. Divide between your glasses filling halfway up then, when you’re ready to drink, top up with your tonic. Make a cut in your reserved cucumber slices and slip them onto the glass rim to serve. Now, you’re ready to enjoy.