Men's skincare 101.

Men's skincare 101.
Barefaced, bearded or somewhere in between, it’s time to talk about boy beauty. Admittedly, we don’t often cover this one (sorry, fellas) but do we really need to? Is men’s skin really that different? Here we myth-bust the often mysterious market of men’s skincare.

The not-so-major difference. 

Generally, the average, healthy man’s skin is thicker than their female counterparts, but only by around 20%. It appears thicker, firmer and more resilient and, thanks to higher testosterone levels, has more active sebaceous glands - leading to larger looking pores and a little extra shine.

Is it enough to warrant a full-scale men-only skincare routine? Not really. So unless it’s hyper-masc black or blue packaging and boyish names you’re after there isn’t usually major differentiation between the formulas within. We’re guessing you want a little more from your skincare and money, right?


Set the shaving scene. 

Having a thick skin doesn't mean you can’t be sensitive at times. Shaving your face - even with the most advanced (or expensive) tools ultimately removes a surface layer of skin with it. This can create sensitivity, razor rash and often leads to annoying ingrown hairs - an unfair side effect of trying to stay well groomed.

Pre-shave cleansing and exfoliating here is key. By cleansing, you’re removing pent-up bacteria that will otherwise transfer to your razor, and subsequently the rest of your face - ew. With exfoliating by buffing off dead skin cells and roughness you set the scene for a closer shave. You can do this mechanically - and easily - with a 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser before, or if you regularly use acid-based exfoliators you should already be good to go...

Don’t feel the burn. 

If you’re more prone to razor rash - and many guys are - switch out your after shave balm with a thin layer of Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask. It’s got ingredients that act like a topical painkiller, as well as reducing redness and feelings of just-shaved tightness. Ridiculously moisturising, you can leave it on overnight, or wash off and apply Global Protection Day Cream, which you’ll feel instantly soothing, too.

100% wear sunscreen. We can’t stress it enough. It’s a takeaway fact. Write it down - wear sunscreen. Men’s skin, while traditionally showing signs of skin-ageing later in life, actually ages at a faster rate. Plus, harmful rays can further irritate delicate, shaven skin. Sunscreen is the easiest, most preventative measure against skin ageing - so get your Clean Screen on every time you leave the house, for the sake of future you.

Be a man who masks.

Really want to upgrade your skincare regime? Add masks to your routine. Our Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a clay, oil-absorbing paste that soaks up excess sebum, toxins and sweat. Ideal before a night out or for purifying skin after a sweaty gym session.

Same goes for Glycol Lactic Mask, which will clean out your pores, but also exfoliate, smooth, de-age and energise the look of tired skin. It’ll help bring you a closer shave but don’t use it on freshly shaven skin, as it’s natural fruit acids will sting this already sensitised area. And did we mention? Don’t forget to use sunscreen…