Is skin becoming more sensitive?

Is skin becoming more sensitive?

If you’ve got sensitive, or easily irritated skin, you may be experiencing more flare-ups recently than ever before, even if you are using a targeted sensitive skin routine. This could be down to lifestyle triggers, but it can be environmental, too. Let’s have a look at why everyone’s skin could be becoming more sensitive.


Ever-increasing pollution.

World Health Organisation data shows that nine out of ten people are breathing air that contains high levels of pollutants. And, if we’re breathing it - you can guarantee it’s landing on our skin, too. While city-livers will be more accustomed to pollution e.g. the smog that hangs over cities, smoke from any vehicles and even household dust can have an effect on everyone’s skin.

Pollution emits free radicals which, when on skin, ‘scavenge’ around looking for particles to pair with. This can cause unseen issues, but the seen or felt damage is usually in the form of sensitivity, redness or itchiness. Skin, when covered in pollution, also finds it more difficult to breathe. In this case, a cleanse or double cleanse is detrimental, especially in the evening. Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser is clinically proven to melt away pollution (plus SPF and makeup) and to give skin extra comfort and cleanliness, follow up with Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel with irritation-neutralising ingredients. A moisturiser with a high antioxidant level here is key, plus with anti-irritation ingredients to prevent flare-ups, and for this: Global Protection Day Cream is your go-to.


Over exfoliation.

Not so long ago, excess shine was the enemy of the skin conscious. Blotting papers, shine-control powders and oil-zapping skincare were the norm, however trends shifted to the bright, glowing complexion. In the last 5 years, Google Trends reported that searches for ‘glowing skin’ rose by 64%, however in the last year ‘sensitive skin’ has taken over in the percentage of searches.

Products that impart a glowing complexion have flooded the market and, while moisturisers can impart a dewy glow, most people reach for exfoliation products to slough away dead cells, revealing a smooth, light-reflecting complexion. However, if these aren’t balanced, or we’re using them too much, skin can become inflamed, reddened and start peeling. With skincare for sensitive skin in mind, we developed our famous Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, and 96% agreed it did not irritate their skin. However if you’ve overdone it with other exfoliators in the quest for glowing skin, Evercalm Ultra-Comforting Rescue Mask is your go-to here, being proven to calm and soothe skin within 30 minutes.