Earth Day Donation: Planet Patrol

Earth Day Donation: Planet Patrol

Our Clean to Skin. Clean to Planet. ethos underpins every decision we make, from packaging to partnerships. This Earth Day, we’re giving 15% of all orders to Planet Patrol, whose mission it is to educate, lead behavioural change and drive industry and political action to protect our planet and wildlife from single-use litter. So, let’s meet the founder, Lizzie Carr, and learn more about Plastic Patrol’s past and mission for the future.

Single-use plastic statistics. 

Planet Patrol estimate that globally, the use of plastics is expected to double in the next 20 years, and in the UK it is estimated that by 2030, 5.2 million tonnes of plastic waste will be generated. Planet Patrol are currently monitoring the progress of the UK Government working towards eliminating single-use plastics from nature by 2025, in line with their target to ‘work towards all plastic packaging placed on the market being recyclable, reusable or compostable’ by 2025. 

As you may know we have our own Zero Waste Ambition, commiting to not ship or manufacture any packaging that isn’t recycled, recyclable or reusable by 2021, and we’ve been working on this with all current and future launches, as well as redesigning our entire product portfolio.


Volunteer or donate. 

It’s not just about collecting and responsibly discarding plastic litter. Planet Patrol encourages users to log instances of plastic waste in nature via their app. This compilation of data allows them to construct the world’s largest survey of inland plastic pollution, giving them the leverage to impact future global policy decisions. 

Their #OneForOne ambition for 2020 is to collect and record one million pieces of single use litter, working with over 15,000 volunteers across 80 countries worldwide. Why not lend a hand by becoming a volunteer, organising your own cleanup or join us by donating whatever you can to give back to the planet.