Bodycare… With glowing benefits.

Bodycare… With glowing benefits.

Not giving the same skincare attention to your body as your face? You’re not alone. Many of us are a little guilty of neglecting the neck-down. Perhaps body care products appear less exciting - less buzzwords like AHAs and BHAs - or maybe it’s that our faces are always on show? Either way, if you’re not indulging your lower regions, you’re missing a trick.

At REN Clean Skincare, bodycare has been just as inherent as our facial creams, moisturisers and more. Plus, we’ve specially formulated our (natural-origin) fragrances to provide aromatherapeutic benefits, while at skin-friendly concentrations, of course.

Let’s dip our toes (and consequently, our bodies) into our ranges, including three body heroes that take your glow further than the face - fast.

Clean chemical exfoliation – for the body.

With tonics, masks and facials a plenty, we’re familiar with chemical exfoliation for the face. But, we’ve formulated an AHA skincare product specifically for the body. AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum includes face-fave ingredient Lactic Acid (sourced from Yeast) to gently exfoliate the skin surface, making it ideal for skincare-lovers who feel sensitised by scrubs. Plus, we’ve added a Lactococcus Extract which helps smooth skin by encouraging surface cell renewal to transform rough areas like the elbows and knees, while giving bums, tums, arms, legs and everywhere between a light-reflecting radiance.

Rose-infused relaxation.

The Moroccan Rose range has been a REN Clean Skincare bestseller for years. Beautifully scented with Rosa Damascena Flower Oil and Geranium Extracts, these selfcare heroes help you feel extra indulgent, without going as extra as rose-petals in the bath.

Key call-out? Moroccan Rose Sugar Body Polish. This vegan, balmy sugar scrub forgoes gritty and sometimes overly abrasive nut shells found in my body scrubs for dissolving sugar particles. Use it on dry skin as an intensive mechanical exfoliator to fast-track your glow, or on damp skin if you’re usually more sensitive. Plus, this smart scrub doubles as a bath soak. Stand in a bath as the water fills your tub, scrub yourself all over and submerge your body in the water. The sugar will dissolve (so, no cleanup) while the Moroccan Rose Otto Oil and myriad of flower oils disperse into the bath. The result? Perfect smooth, moisturised skin and a heaven-scented rose smelling soak.

Mineralise with magnesium.

Featuring a clean body wash, lotion, bath oil, body oil, and scrub products, our multi-award-winning Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium range uses sea-sourced extracts to give your body a glow-up. Marine Algae is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids with the ability to brighten, moisturise and energise the look of skin, while Magnesium PCA itself is a powerful moisturiser. But we’ve got other tricks in the range, too.

Atlantic Kelp And Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil features Red Algae and Microalgae Oil. The former is a powerful antioxidant, helping combat pollution, while both help firm and tone the skin –especially troublesome ‘orange peel’ areas. All of our Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium collection includes essential oils of Sage, Rosemary, Geranium and Cypress for an uplifting and energetic feeling making them the perfect morning pick-me-up or post-gym partners.