Behind The Big Clean Up.

Behind The Big Clean Up.

2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses and often this has a knock-on effect on our planet. With many physical retailers closed, stock has been piling in warehouses which can create waste with both product and packaging.

While we’ve been ramping up our online efforts, giving people a safe place to shop, we don’t want to create waste with the stock we already have. Especially with our journey to create clean, sustainable packaging of the future and the known fact that November is often a time of overconsumption.

With this in mind, we’ve coined our The Big Clean Up campaign. A campaign that offers our clean-skincare-loving customers value - in a way that doesn’t compromise the planet – but also where you can help us on our journey to Zero Waste.


Zero Waste, by end of 2021.

Since 2018, we’ve been working toward a Pledge of becoming Zero Waste by 2021: it means that we’ll only produce packaging that’s recycled, recyclable and reusable by the end of 2021.

The good news? We’re already making headway. While there’s no silver bullet to sustainability, packaging innovations like Infinity Recycling, Ocean Plastic, using glass where possible and using recycled content in our tubes have helped us produce less virgin plastic. From our first waste-saving initiative in 2017 of no longer using single-use sample sachets, we’ve saved a potential 4.4 million sachets entering landfill. But, if we really want to create change for the planet, even that’s still not enough.

Gifts: from us, to you, to them.

Selfcare shelf looking a little bare for the long winter nights? Keep them for yourself. Want to see a smile in your friends’ eyes and lessen a little of your own Christmas spends? Gift one to someone you know as part of their present. And, there’s the option of donating on or both to Beauty Banks - a charity we’re partnering with this year to spread a little clean skincare to those who need it most.

Who are Beauty Banks?

With everyone facing uncertain times this year, and some more than others, we wanted to partner with a charity that can use our products to make a positive difference. In their own words, Beauty Banks are like Foodbanks but rather provide personal care and hygiene essentials for those throughout the UK who can’t currently afford them. You can find more about Beauty Banks here.

They believe everyone has the right to be clean and if you agree (like we do) you’ve got the option to donate one or both of your free gifts to them, which they’ll then distribute to those in need this holiday season.

More offers, coming soon. 

This donation is just the beginning (literally) of our campaign, so keep an eye on your inbox (if you’re not signed up to our emails, why?) and bookmark our site. Over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing more sustainability tips and advice, making more donations, and offering pretty great discounts, too. Join us to help yourself, others – and the planet.