REN x akt, the LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity

REN x akt, the LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity

To Celebrate Pride Month 2021, REN Clean Skincare partners with akt, a UK-based LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting young people aged 16-25 across Britain who are experiencing homelessness, or are living in a hostile environment. Better yet, you can watch a short video here.

24% of homeless young people identify as LGBTQ+, with 77% of the LGBTQ+ youths akt work with believing that coming out at home was the main factor in causing their homelessness. Everyone on our shared planet has the right to feel safe in their space, outdoors and in, which is why we want to get together with you to raise donations for the charity itself, while we donate products to amenities packages given via their Purple Door programme.

You shop = we donate

For every order made between 21st and 22nd June, we’ll donate £20 to akt up to the value of £10,000.

Plus, we’re donating products

We’ll be providing 5 months’ worth of amenity kits to the Purple Door programme, an emergency safehouse in London that provides supported accommodation for up to six young people at a time. They also work with several temporary housing partners to secure accommodation for more, or if Purple Door is not suited to their needs.

The impact of your donations

A donation of £5,000 would represent a three-month stay at Purple Door, plus a Rainbow Starter Pack, which individuals are often offered when ready to leave the service. This average award of £1,000 is often used as a deposit and first-month’s rent, leaving them better placed to enter independent living on a firmer footing, with an aim of preventing recurrent bouts of homelessness - because no young person needs to choose between a safe home and being who they are.