And the (rave) reviews are in.

And the (rave) reviews are in.

Sun protecting, mattifying, pollution-combatting. Clean Screen keeps on giving - and consequently, people keep giving us great reviews. Here are some snippets of our favourite quotes, reviews and feedback on our all-new mineral sunscreen.

Simply wonderful. 

They say less is more - and we don’t need more than this. In a column highlighting skincare treatments suitable for those with rosacea and easily sensitised skin, The Guardian’s beauty guru Sali Hughes commented, ‘REN’s new vegan Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 is wonderful'. It’s suitable for sensitive skin types as not only does it provide a physical barrier (rather than chemical, which can cause a reaction) but it stops harmful rays hitting the skin surface and beyond, which can contribute to rosacea and redness flare ups, as well as the well-documented ageing of the skin. 

Blemish-free protection. 

Women’s Health magazine noted our trade-off in choosing between chemical and physical UV filters. We wanted to create a nice-to-use sunscreen, kinder for skin and planet, but we knew it would inevitably be a little whiter on the skin. They summed it up pretty nicely... ‘Historically, the issue with mineral sunscreens has been that they are chalky and leave a white-ish residue on your face. No doubt, this one does take more rubbing in than chemical versions. But, after a week of using, our WH tester did not become blighted with blemishes – so worth the effort’.


Coral-damage crackdown. 

If you’ve been following us you’ll know we’re on a mission to go Zero Waste by 2021. That is, our packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable. Lesser-known fact, we also sustainably source our ingredients that are the kindest possible to the planet (which you can read about on our FAQs page). noted our clean-to-planet cred when calling out the new products you need to get your hands on. 'REN is making waves towards being a more sustainable beauty brand, and their new sunscreen is testament to that. The formula is free-from any ingredients that have been proven harmful to the oceans, while still providing failsafe sun protection'. Or quite simply in Cosmopolitan Magazine, ‘No chemical filters = gentle on skin and coral reefs. Consider your halo polished’.

Mattifying and makeup friendly.

Breaking news: sunscreen can actually improve your makeup application and staying power. Who knew? Well actually knows. They noted, ‘Made with 99 percent natural ingredients, this new SPF does good for the skin and the planet. It’s super nourishing, smells amazing, and mattifies the skin, making it my new favourite pre-make up formulation.’ So there you go, pop it on under your favourite foundation and you can prime and protect all at once. 

One of a kind sunscreen.

There are many press reviews out there, but we thought we’d leave you with a simple yet concrete reason to try out Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30. The fact it’s totally unique, according to 'The mineral, broad spectrum SPF is unlike any other: vegan, chemical free, zero shine and safe for even the most sensitive skins.' If that’s not a good enough reason to add it to your basket - we don’t know what is...